Frequently asked questions for employees

Is the job just temporary?

No. Temporary employment means up-to-date and not temporary employment.

Is this part-time work?

No. They are usually full-time jobs. Part-time employment is just as possible.

What is the difference between temporary work and a "normal employment relationship"?

Temporary work is a normal employment relationship, as with any other employer. The only difference is that you do not work in our offices but with our customers.

Is temporary work suitable for young professionals?

Beginners get with Expert the chance to gain a lot of work experience in a short time. If you enjoy learning, you can benefit enormously from a variety of tasks and thus make faster progress in your career. Newcomers or returnees can find out what they really enjoy and where their strengths lie. We prepare you carefully for your new tasks and look after you knowledgeably.

Who is my employer then?

We are your employer, the Expert GmbH. You will receive from us a contract of employment with all social security. Here, your skills and desires determine the exact form of the contract. Talk to us!

Am I insured?

Of course. As with any other employer too.

What happens if there is no commitment for me?

If you have completed the work for one customer and do not have a new assignment with another customer, you will still receive the salary agreed in the employment contract. Because such cases we have calculated. So we do not have to think about termination immediately if an assignment does not follow right away! You can also use this time for your vacation.

In which companies am I used?

Expert GmbH works together with various large companies. Our services are also gladly used by medium-sized and small businesses. We conclude 80% of our orders with regular customers. The branches of Expert GmbH have different industry focuses and therefore also serve different customers.

What happens if a customer wants to take over?

We see that with a laughing and a crying eye. On the one hand, we are pleased that we have brought you together with your dream employer. On the other hand, we are reluctant to lose good employees. Mostly we do not lose sight of each other. You also meet the customer occasionally later. Maybe then you will need your own holiday replacement.

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